Beauty Podcasts that Brands and PR Pros Should Listen To

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Beauty podcasts to know! πŸŽ™ Podcasts have been gaining steam in recent years, with everything from true crime to business advice blowing up.​​​​​​​​ If there’s a topic you’re interested in, there’s certain to be a podcast (or many!) about it.​​​​​​​​The longer spoken format of podcasts provides hosts and guests the ability to really dive deep […]

What’s Guaranteed When Hiring A PR Agency?

You might be wondering what’s a guarantee when hiring a PR agency. Newsflash: Media coverage is not guaranteed in PR. But what IS guaranteed (at least with VLIV Communications)? Something my team and I at VLIV often come across when we first meet with brands looking for PR support is the question: “Can you guarantee […]

Affiliate Marketing in PR for Beauty + Fashion Brands

Beauty, fashion, and CPG brands – do you have an affiliate marketing strategy specifically for editorial purposes? If not, you’re missing out on top-tier media coverage. It might sound extreme, but brands need to prioritize affiliate marketing for powerful media coverage. (They also need to ensure their program is set up to fulfill editor’s needs.) […]

What Fashion or Beauty PR Goals Should Brands Set?

One big mistake? Beauty and fashion brands often don’t have clear goals for before hiring a PR agency. My team and I at VLIV frequently meet with beauty and fashion companies looking for PR support. One of the first questions we ask them? “What are you hoping to achieve with PR?” We want to know […]

How to Hire the Right PR Agency for Your Beauty or Fashion Brand

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When you hire a PR agency for your beauty or fashion brand, it’s a big decision. There’s a lot at stake, and it’s often a big expense. You don’t want to make the “wrong” choice, which can set the brand back. A common reason I hear from brands as to why they left their former […]

What Can Beauty Brands Expect When Hiring A PR Agency?

What can beauty, fashion, lifestyle or CPG brands who hire a PR agency like VLIV Communications expect in early days? Read below to find out! While PR agencies vary in their processes, when VLIV Communications begins working with new clients, we follow the below framework to ensure that your brand’s goals are being met (and […]

Influencer Marketing Tips for Beauty and Fashion Brands

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Beauty and fashion brands are often at a loss of how to handle influencer marketing. “How do we go about influencer outreach?” “What types of influencers should we partner with?” “How should we measure success?” The success, as with anything, lies in the relationship. It’s SO crucial to build long-term relationships with influencer partners. In […]

Celebrity Seeding for Beauty + Fashion Brands

We’ve seen the backlash against celeb-founded brands or companies that hire celeb ambassadors. They can be costly, ineffective, and lead to negative coverage. If a brand hires a celebrity that begins making news for all the wrong reasons? It can reflect poorly on the brand and be an expensive mistake. Celebrity seeding for beauty and […]

Why PR Agencies Need to Be Part of Broader Marketing Efforts

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PR agencies help build brand reputation, improve sentiment, and elevate awareness for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands with their target customers. At our fashion, beauty + lifestyle PR agency VLIV Communications, one of the first things we request of new clients? To be looped in with their marketing team(s) and get alignment with their broader […]

The Current State of Beauty Editorial and PR

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It’s happened again. More beauty editorial layoffs (that will affect PR) – this time for esteemed editors from Hearst publications. We in the beauty editorial and PR industries can’t get through a season without the saddening yet never unexpected news. Media outlets lay off talented writers and editors due to “cost-saving measures” and to usher […]