Influencer Marketing Tips for Beauty and Fashion Brands

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Beauty and fashion brands are often at a loss of how to handle influencer marketing. “How do we go about influencer outreach?” “What types of influencers should we partner with?” “How should we measure success?”

The success, as with anything, lies in the relationship.

It’s SO crucial to build long-term relationships with influencer partners. In our experience, the best influencer campaigns are like childhood friendships: they get better with time!

Hot tip: Instead of gifting as many influencers as possible and hoping for the best part, curate a short list of influencers who truly embody what your brand represents and focus on cultivating a relationship with them.

Not only will this make your partnerships better, but your brand will become synonymous with their brand among their audience – a.k.a. their loyal audience becomes yours!

See below fashion and beauty influencer marketing advice on how to nurture longterm influencer relationships.

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ring light influencer marketing beauty

​​​​​​​​Influencer Marketing Tips for Beauty and Fashion Brands

Communicate Expectations Early in Influencer Marketing Efforts

As with all good relationships, communication is key! Beauty and fashion brands should spell out exact deliverables, due dates, and expectations up front. Be sure to also note any photography or language you are expecting the influencer to use. It’s best to sign a contract before engaging in a partnership if money or expensive samples are changing hands.

Be Thoughtful

Don’t just interact with influencer partners when you have a new campaign or launch. Maintain true connections with them! For example:

Is it their birthday? Make sure to send well wishes! Or if you notice they recently adopted a dog, share some tips and tricks you’ve found useful with your pup. The goal is building and sustaining authentic, meaningful relationships.

Be Persistent But Patient

Anyone working in marketing or communications needs to know how to master the art of the follow-up. When working with influencers, it’s important to be persistent yet patient. You want to stay top of mind but not bombard them constantly with requests. Be mindful of their schedules and commitments, and touch base in a mindful manner.