Celebrity Seeding for Beauty + Fashion Brands


We’ve seen the backlash against celeb-founded brands or companies that hire celeb ambassadors. They can be costly, ineffective, and lead to negative coverage. If a brand hires a celebrity that begins making news for all the wrong reasons? It can reflect poorly on the brand and be an expensive mistake. Celebrity seeding for beauty and fashion brands needs to be well-thought out, and not an afterthought.

However, done well, celebrity seeding and partnerships can have massive benefits for beauty and fashion brands. A celebrity partnership can elevate a brand’s visibility, expose it to new audiences, and lead to more top-tier media coverage.

But there are still ways it can go wrong – below are VLIV Communications’ tips on how to ensure the greatest success!

​​​​​​​​Celebrity Seeding: Beauty + Fashion PR Tips

Pick the right celebrity for your fashion or beauty brand

Ultimately, the celebrity you partner with should be an authentic fit for your brand. Don’t just go with the flavor of the moment, but ensure the talent represents your brand’s values and is one you want to partner with for the long-term. Investigate the causes they support and double check that they haven’t posted anything inflammatory. Do due diligence into their fanbase, and ensure it aligns with your target audience.

Partner with the celebrity’s pro artists

If a celeb brand ambassador is out of your budget, there’s other ways to align with top-tier talent. We love partnering with a celebrity’s beauty or fashion team – including makeup artists, manicurists, and hair stylists. These partnerships can often lead to more credibility than paying a celeb outright – the artists work with best of the best products, so their stamp of approval really speaks to the quality of the products.

Maximize any celebrity sightings with additional PR outreach

We’ve heard from clients that a celeb posting about or wearing a product definitely leads to a bump in traffic and sales, but you need to maximize it and keep it going with PR outreach post-partnership. Being able to say that your brand was worn by a certain celeb or endorsed by their glam squad can lead to coverage that will often bring about an even bigger boost in awareness and traffic.

If you’re looking to land some powerful celebrity PR placements for your fashion or beauty brand, contact us! Send us an email at lindsey@vlivcommunications.com – would love to chat!