What Fashion or Beauty PR Goals Should Brands Set?


One big mistake? Beauty and fashion brands often don’t have clear goals for before hiring a PR agency.

My team and I at VLIV frequently meet with beauty and fashion companies looking for PR support.

One of the first questions we ask them?

“What are you hoping to achieve with PR?”

We want to know what the ultimate goal is. But, the problem? Oftentimes, brands don’t have a clear answer to this question.

What do often hear in response?

“We don’t really have a goal – we just want to blow up and be seen everywhere.”

PR done right can massively improve visibility. But – it needs to be done RIGHT. This starts with a North Star to guide the PR team and inform the strategy.

Beauty and fashion brands need to think about what their ultimate goal is. It can be anything from securing funding to improving SEO to gaining respect from industry peers.

A strong PR strategy can help work towards any and all of those goals. The brand needs to be clear on what they want to achieve for it to be successful.

Curious about common PR goals for beauty and fashion brands? Read below!

What PR Goals Should Beauty and Fashion Brands Consider?

Build Trust with Audiences

Consumers buy from brands that they trust – point blank, period. While digital marketing on your owned and social channels is a great way to disseminate key messages, the credibility that comes from PR is unmatched. Having a third party, particularly one of the caliber of top-tier media, sing your brand’s praises is the ultimate trust-builder.

Improve SEO and Web Traffic

While PR placements won’t always lead to sales, they can certainly help. National media’s digital sites have stellar reputations – a link back from them can greatly increase your own site’s SEO. The traffic that comes from a national placement can be a game-changer.

PR Goals: Acquire New Customers for A Beauty Brand

A key target for many beauty and fashion brands! PR is a great way to achieve this goal. With a strong PR strategy, you’ll reach audiences who may not have heard of your brand before. A piece of media coverage can expose your brand to thousands of ideal consumers.

Gain Respect and Recognition from Industry Peers

We often work with brands who are creating incredible products, but understand the need to collaborate to grow their brands further. Whether in need of a new ingredient supplier or a likeminded brand to partner with on a campaign, beauty and fashion companies should build relationships with peers. PR builds credibility with these industry partners, and oftentimes, they’ll reach out to you!

PR Goals: Secure Funding for Your Beauty or Fashion Brand

We also see this a lot as the end goal. Investors often want to see a full “brag book” of press coverage. This solidifies that you’re doing something right, and have built up the enthusiasm for your brand. Strong press coverage goes a long way when looking for funding.

Enter New Retailers

Similar to funding, many store buyers want to see that your brand has powerful media coverage. When retailers bring on new brands, they want to know that customers will buy these products them. Impactful, top-tier coverage certainly helps!

Fortunately, my team and I at VLIV Communications can help with that – reach out if you’d like to see how PR support can elevate your brand and achieve your unique business goals. Feel free to DM or email me at lindsey@vlivcommunications.com