Beauty Podcasts that Brands and PR Pros Should Listen To

two women recording beauty podcast


Beauty podcasts to know! 🎙

Podcasts have been gaining steam in recent years, with everything from true crime to business advice blowing up.​​​​​​​​ If there’s a topic you’re interested in, there’s certain to be a podcast (or many!) about it.
The longer spoken format of podcasts provides hosts and guests the ability to really dive deep into certain topics. It provides a level of authenticity and candor you won’t find with the printed word.​​​​​​​​
As a beauty PR agency, we at VLIV Communications love working with podcasts on behalf of our clients. Brand representatives can tell their stories in a really human, relatable way. It’s less of a sales driver and more of a brand awareness builder. Brands can build high levels of trust with podcast interviews. Putting a face (or, a voice!) to company humanizes it.

While we work with podcasts on behalf of clients, we also love to listen to them! From the gym to walks to cleaning, we’ve got them on lock. What are our favorites? Read below!

two women recording beauty podcast

Beauty Podcasts We Love

Gloss Angeles (for pop culture beauty podcasts fans)

Billed as “edu-tainment,” Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan‘s incredibly fun podcast fuses beauty news with a Hollywood and pop culture twist. From deep dives into missteps celebrity founded brands have made to inspiring interviews on top beauty visionaries, this is one of our “must-listens.”

Fat Mascara (editorial beauty podcasts)

Hosted by top beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan, Fat Mascara offers juicy take on the beauty world. They’ve had celebs, respected MUAs, and many more as guests. The wit and candor with this one has me obsessed!

Skincare Anarchy (science-focused beauty podcast)

We love Dr Ekta Y MD MBA MS and her smart podcast. It’s one of our faves for educational takes on the industry. Frequently discussing myths around beauty culture, this podcast often features industry pros with a fascinating POV.