What’s Guaranteed When Hiring A PR Agency?


You might be wondering what’s a guarantee when hiring a PR agency. Newsflash: Media coverage is not guaranteed in PR. But what IS guaranteed (at least with VLIV Communications)?

Something my team and I at VLIV often come across when we first meet with brands looking for PR support is the question:

“Can you guarantee [X amount of placements] in top-tier media?”

The answer, in short, is no.

I get it – PR can be a big investment, particularly without an immediate payoff.

But any PR agency that promises you a certain amount of placements or a feature in a certain outlet is at best inexperienced, and at worst, unethical. (Or it’s paid media posing as earned.)

At the end of the day, PR pros don’t have the power to dictate what editors cover in their publications and stories. A variety of factors can impact a placement. These can include editorial layoffs that cause stories to be cut to the editor just deciding they liked the way another product looked on the site.

Of course, brands aren’t paying just for the hope of maybe seeing some coverage. If you’re wondering what IS guaranteed, at least at VLIV (and many other reputable agencies), read below!

Read below! If you have any questions about partnering with a PR agency, feel free to reach out at lindsey@vlivcommunications.com

What Hiring A Good PR Agency Can Deliver:

Strategy and Experience

A skilled PR agency will have a strong track record of landing placements, and they come with the knowledge, strategy, and experience of what works to resonate with today’s media.

The Outreach Itself

A strong, dedicated PR team will be constantly connect with media on your behalf. We’re crafting story hooks and angles that we know editors are covering. My team and I stay up-to-date on what editors are covering and where clients can fit in. We leave no stone unturned!

Behind the Scenes Work

While outreach is important, so too is creating a strong base to be as impactful as possible. What does this include?

  • Setting up meetings with clients and media (either via Zoom or in-person)
  • Media training
  • Seeding products in the hands of editors
  • Offering guidance on affiliate platforms

And so much more!

Ultimately, while a PR agency can’t guarantee coverage, they can guarantee the work that goes into best positioning a brand for media placements. When it pays off, it pays off