Why Beauty PR Firms Don’t Just Target National Media

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Fashion + beauty PR firms know that many different types of press are valuable! While a coveted Allure Best of Beauty Awards or splashy placement in VOGUE can majorly boost a brand’s credibility, other placements can be just as impactful for brands.​​​​​​​​ For beauty and fashion brands who want to build community, grow awareness in […]

Beauty PR Firm Checklist on When to Use a Press Release

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As a beauty PR firm, VLIV Communications crafts and distributes press releases for our clients’ launches, campaigns, and news. Press releases are a great tool for media outreach, but they should not be used in every situation. If a brand is not making a big announcement or launch, they might want to reconsider a release. […]

How Fashion + Beauty PR Agencies Develop Strong Brand Stories

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Beauty PR agencies frequently work with clients to create compelling brand stories that will appeal to editors. While a great product and beautiful imagery are key, so is an exciting, impactful brand story.​​​​​​​​ These stories often resonate with editors and turn brands into the beauty industry’s next obsession. At VLIV Communications, we have worked with […]

Why A Lifestyle PR Agency Doesn’t Solely Rely on Editorial Relationships

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“Can’t a publicist just call an editor they’re friends with to land press for a client?”. As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency, we hear this question frequently. The answer? In a word, no. While beauty and lifestyle PR pros should maintain strong relationships with media, a good friendship alone will not be the […]

How A NYC Beauty PR Agency Brainstorms Pitch Angles

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Our team at our NYC beauty PR agency loves researching and strategizing fun story angles for our fashion, lifestyle and beauty clients. We’re constantly reading the latest from our fave outlets like SELF, Bustle, and BeautyMatter – while thinking about how our clients could fit into these publications. When reading beloved fashion and beauty magazines […]

Media Relations Trends to Know from Our NYC Fashion PR Agency

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As a beauty and fashion PR agency in NYC, VLIV Communications is always on the pulse of what editors are looking for and current media relations trends. We frequently communicate with editors at top media outlets, including Refinery29, Glossy, and Buzzfeed. We don’t need to tell you that 2022 has been a YEAR, and the […]

Elements Needed for a Strong Beauty and Skincare PR Strategy

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My beauty and skincare PR agency VLIV Communications has created countless public relations strategies for brands throughout the years to elevate their credibility and authority, establishing them as trusted market leaders. When we onboard a new beauty or skincare PR client, one of our first steps to develop an impactful PR plan meant to grow […]

Beauty PR Agency Tips for Press Mailer Success

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As a beauty PR agency, we recommend that brands send products to editors to make a stronger impression and garner authentic feedback. That said, there are things to keep in mind, particularly as Covid has greatly changed the landscape. As a NYC beauty PR agency, VLIV Communications has worked with clients on numerous send-outs and […]

How Beauty + Fashion PR Agency Teams Prepare Clients for Deskside Meetings

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One-on-one editor meetings or interviews…we get it, they can be STRESSFUL! As a beauty and fashion PR agency, we handle desksides for clients frequently. While in-house marketing and communications pros often handle one-on-one meetings and interviews, there are many times that an editor will want to speak directly with a founder, formulator, or designer to […]

Reaching Gen Z Consumers through PR

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While millennials were the talk of the town for years, there’s a new generation on the block that brands are dying to reach: Gen Z. Considered to have been born between 1997 and 2012, the oldest among them is entering the workforce, and the generation as a whole is growing in its spending power.​​​​​​​​ We […]