Why A Lifestyle PR Agency Doesn’t Solely Rely on Editorial Relationships

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“Can’t a publicist just call an editor they’re friends with to land press for a client?”. As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency, we hear this question frequently. The answer? In a word, no.

While beauty and lifestyle PR pros should maintain strong relationships with media, a good friendship alone will not be the deciding factor in landing a placement. Knowing the editor certainly opens the door, but other things come into play when landing press placements.

lifestyle pr agency magazine plant white mug white table

For brands seeking coveted placements in outlets like Byrdie, Allure, and the New York Times, there’s other variables that increase press coverage. What factors determine if an editor will cover a brand? Read below!

What A Lifestyle PR Agency Shares with Media to Increase Chances of Press Coverage

Strong Backstory

Probably one of THE most important factors – is what you’re doing actually interesting and newsworthy? Will media, and their audiences, care? Are you pioneering a new technology or presenting a unique point of view to the industry? Ensure that your story and positioning are clear and compelling – a strong lifestyle PR agency can help with this.

Current Editorial Trends

Does your brand or product fit in with the larger landscape, whether that’s seasonally or culturally? Does it solve a problem that a lot of people are talking about? Think about what hole in the market your brand fills, and create messaging around that.

Clear Vision for the Future and Plan for Growth

Particularly for business outlets, it’s important for brands to have a clear idea of what they’re looking to do in the future, and how they plan to get there. Are you raising capital? Planning to enter new markets? Editors love to hear about big brand dreams and the path they’re planning to get there – it’s inspiring and informative!

Stunning Packaging

No matter how amazing your product and story are, if they don’t look great, it’ll be hard to land coverage. Products with on-brand, high-quality packaging are much more likely to garner coverage.

Let us know any questions you might have for our beauty and lifestyle PR agency what editors are looking for from brands – we’re happy to help!