How A NYC Beauty PR Agency Brainstorms Pitch Angles

nyc beauty pr agency person writing computer vliv communications


Our team at our NYC beauty PR agency loves researching and strategizing fun story angles for our fashion, lifestyle and beauty clients. We’re constantly reading the latest from our fave outlets like SELF, Bustle, and BeautyMatter – while thinking about how our clients could fit into these publications.

When reading beloved fashion and beauty magazines is part of the job, we count ourselves as pretty lucky! That said, it is still work and we remain intentional when crafting ideas.

nyc beauty pr agency person writing computer vliv communications

As a NYC beauty PR agency, what are some things we’re on the lookout for when we devise story angles?

NYC Beauty PR Agency Story Ideation:

Event Tie-Ins

We constantly look to what celebrities and influencers are wearing on the red carpet or big events (think Coachella, Met Gala, Oscars, etc.) to see what looks are trending, and how consumers can replicate them with something from a client. The “look for less” type of stories always do well with editors.

Social Media Beauty Trends

We love our time on TikTok and Instagram Reels! We all know about the “beauty hacks” that make their way onto the platforms – a great tie-in can be making the hack work with a client’s products. Alternately, if the hack appears ill-advised, having a brand spokesperson speak to why consumers should steer away is another angle.

Broader News Stories

Referred to as “newsjacking,” if a brand spokesperson can authentically provide insight into a bigger news story, this can be a way to position the brand as a leader. This needs to be mindful and considerate though – if the spokesperson appears to be capitalizing on a topic that can be polarizing or emotional, it can backfire. As always, be thoughtful and intentional with these approaches.

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