Securing Media Coverage Without A New Launch

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While having a new product hit the market always makes for great press opportunity, you can still secure media coverage even without a new launch. Need some inspiration?

product pr

We have worked with countless fashion, beauty, and lifestyle PR clients to land press coverage in outlets like The Zoe Report, Bustle, and VOGUE even without a new launch. If you’re in need of some ideas on how to boost media coverage during a slow launch period, read below our tips and tricks!

Seasonal Tie-Ins for More Media Coverage

Connect available products to current topics trending in the editorial world. What’s hot now? Hostess or bridal gifts, hydrating summer skincare, and Y2K fashion are buzzing!

Thought Leadership

Position the founder or another team member as an expert within the industry, highlighting their background and challenges. These help build credibility and authority for key team members at the company.

Charitable Donations

Partner up with charities that are in line with your mission. Give a portion of sales or proceeds, while securing quotes from your brand founder and a charity spokesperson. This is great particularly if it ties into a certain month. For example, June is Pride month – a donation to an LGBTQIA charity would make sense.

Share News of Celebrity Fans for Media Coverage

If any noteworthy celebs or influencers have recently used or worn your product, share the news! Particularly if the celebrity is currently making headlines or wearing a style appropriate for the season, this is a great hook.


Can you merchandise some of your products in a new way? Think – creating seasonal bundles of current products at a slightly discounted price.

Consumer Insights

Have any interesting feedback/data from current consumers? Share with the media – they love to hear about consumers are asking for.​​​​​​​​

Partnerships to Boost Media Coverage

Are there any like-minded but non-competitive brands you can partner up with?​​​​​​​​ Depending on the brand and relationship, you can get really creative here.