How Beauty + Fashion PR Agency Teams Prepare Clients for Deskside Meetings

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One-on-one editor meetings or interviews…we get it, they can be STRESSFUL! As a beauty and fashion PR agency, we handle desksides for clients frequently.

While in-house marketing and communications pros often handle one-on-one meetings and interviews, there are many times that an editor will want to speak directly with a founder, formulator, or designer to get their unique perspective.

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Our NYC-based beauty and fashion PR agency VLIV Communications has executed countless rounds of editor one-on-one meetings, or desksides. We’ve introduced brand founders and their team members to top editors at outlets. Some that we frequently meet with? VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Refinery29, and so many more. These one-one-one meetings provide a great opportunity for writers to get face-time with brand founders. They often can spark some great story ideas.

If it’s the first time a founder has interacted with the press, it’s easy to imagine that all editors in the beauty/fashion space are as cutthroat and intimidating as Miranda Presley. But in all honesty – it’s just the opposite! The majority of the beauty + fashion editors we’ve worked with are incredibly kind, compassionate, and just all-around lovely to work with.

Are they time-pressed and often in a rush? Yes. So do keep that in mind during your meeting or interview, as well as the below tips:

Speak to your audience

For example, don’t talk about how great your product is for anti-aging to a teen publication. Ensure that you’re tying in your product to that specific outlet’s demographic. (A good beauty and fashion PR agency team can help with this!)

Understand timelines

Don’t push holiday products in March or summer fashion in August – learn how far out specific editors work and cater your discussion to their lead times. A good rule of thumb is that digital outlets work one to two months out, while long lead publications tend to work anywhere from four to six months out. One exception is gift guides – those start far earlier than you’d expect!

Talk in conversational tones

While you want to nail your messaging and talking points, remember that ultimately you’re speaking to another human about a topic you’re both passionate about. For example, don’t memorize a laundry list of facts that you’re straining to get in – hit your key points in a few words. Allow the conversation to flow easily and let the editor interrupt and ask questions.